Portrait Taking Tips

mateyWhen it comes to portrait photography, personality is even more important than your ability with the camera. If a portrait studio was given the choice, they would probably hire someone with a great personality who needed some work on the photography skills than vice versa.

Here is a mix of tips to help you with your portrait photography.

Children portrait photography

  • Let the children be themselves; especially if you are working with shy children.
  • Make the environment comfortable. This could be as simple as making they’ve got their favorite toy nearby. It’s not always possible to photograph them at home or where they’ll feel most comfortable so something like the toy is the next best thing.
  • Smile and be friendly.

General portrait photography tips

  • Avoid shooting wide – A wide angle lens can make the subject look too big
  • Make the eyes the focus. Get the depth of field wrong and the eyes can appear not sharp and lessen the quality of the picture
  • Shooting too far from the subject – this one is especially true if you are taking your portraits outside.
  • Keep bright and colorful surroundings out of the shot.

Any ideas you have for taking great portrait shots, leave a comment below.



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