Improve Your Photography Skills: Improvement Tips

In today’s fast paced day and age we all want results…NOW.





While you’re ┬áin the process of testing out settings in Manual mode and becoming familiar with all of the features your DSLR has to offer, you can be using these quick tips to begin to improve your photography shots this instant.

  • Keep your camera with you and PRACTICE! Indoor, outdoor, people, pets, wildlife, landscape, close up…any and all of it! The more you use your camera the more comfortable you will become and the results will speak for themselves.
  • While you’re practicing, use Manual mode and adjust the ISO, shutter speed, aperture to experiment. You’ll see what works, what doesn’t and what will if you keep at it! Enjoy all the possibilities!
  • Use natural light whenever possible. Pop-up flashes create hard shadows and wash out skin tones – hardly flattering.
  • Experiment with perspective and positioning. Move your subjects around. Shoot from above, below or the hip. “Live Mode” or View is great for lining up a great shot.
  • Shoot in “burst mode” – especially when attempting candid shots. People and animals are in constant motion and you have a better chance of capturing the right moment with multiple simultaneous shots.
  • Be sure everything you’re about to shoot adds something to your photo. For example, if when photographing children, there is a stray toy in the corner of your shot that may not belong there be sure it isn’t! Either remove it, change your perspective or move your subjects. Keep composition in mind!
  • Be creative and have FUN!

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